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Dubai Rolls out Smart Bus Tyres

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has presented a brilliant framework called ‘DOR’ that checks tyre condition and its pressure in only 20 seconds.

Dubai is finding a way to improve the security of its public transportation. The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has acquainted a computerized framework that will diminish instances of blown tyres and potential delays.

DOR is meant to improve the safety of public transportation, which is a key piece of RTA’s endeavors to keep pace with the Dubai government’s drive to be inventive in all fields.

Utilizing this savvy framework in testing and surveying the state of tyres on public transport busses will chop down potential and scratch-off of excursions because of issues out and about, and upgrade the general wellbeing. It will likewise diminish fuel utilization by keeping up the recommended tyre pressure and prolong the life expectancy of tyres.

Ain-ul-Haq, a sales manager for said, “this endeavor adds to computerizing inspection of the tyres, which thusly lessens the time usually taken up by testing and fixing the problem on busses, and it additionally adds to understanding RTA’s vision of safe and hectic free transportation for all. All things considered, secure and seamless transportation is the crucial segment of a prosperous society.”

Abdullah Rashid Al Maazami, Director of Maintenance and Services, RTA Public Transport Agency said, “The use of smart technologies in maintenance works is no longer a luxury, rather a necessity dictated by our commitment to the optimal and sustainable utilization of RTA’s assets, and the delivery of safe and smooth transport services to all. It was therefore imperative to contemplate this new system, which enables the technical inspector/tester to carry out visual inspection of the bus without bothering to take paper, complete bus details or even carry a smart tab.”

Buses are fitted with keen gadgets empowering sensors to quantify tyre’s pressure and the thickness of the tyre’s tread. This information is then automatically broken down, and a nitty-gritty report on tyre credentials is created and sent by email. The gadget can review and report the tyre’s condition in only 20 seconds. A green smiley face springs up on the driver’s screen implying that the transport is good to go. In case there is a problem, a red and miserable face shows up, demonstrating an issue with tyres.

The framework also takes out the paperwork in terms of testing transit buses. The framework works by changing over the voice of the assessor into a composed book. This activity gives a decent lift for RTA’s determined endeavors to grasp current innovation to redesign execution and tasks.

Authorities state that in the two-month preliminary run, the framework has been introduced in Jebel Ali Station, and it was accounted that hazards related to public transport have dropped by 58 percent between May and July, contrasted with a similar period a year ago.

This innovation bolsters RTA’s Smart Dubai Strategy, Advance RTA, and Asset Sustainability.